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With Bathandwa Nkambule

Delve Into An Amazing Culinary Talent With A Daring Spirit

Bathandwa Nkambule, whose nom de plume is The Earthy Cook is a talented South African culinary creative who centres her work on creating unique food experiences using her passion and love for healthy and flavoursome food. 


I am available for bookings & private gigs offering services such as:

Private Catering

As an experienced and talented chef, I bring people together over delicious, well-presented meals, snacks and desserts.

Menu Design

I'm an experienced menu designer available for bookings for private gigs, pop-up restaurants and regular food outlets.

Food Writing

Book me for once-off editorial features on print or online media such as food, wellness & lifestyle magazines.


Bookings & Collaborations

I am an opportunity hunter. If you think you have one for me, please feel free to drop me an email on or hop in my DMs as below: