Chocolate Brushstrokes

Have you ever witnessed a food trend happen right infront of your eyes? Watching from the sidelines because you knew very well you couldn’t join in because it’s wayyyy too difficult for you?  Especially the cake trends…. Drip cakes, hypnotic mirror-glazes and the unicorn obsession I’m still having issues letting go off. Yep, all beautiful but all rather tricky.

And then there’s the BRUSHSTROKES CAKES trend *insert crowds applause here *….beautiful, chocolatey and oh so easy. So easy infact it makes me wonder why I couldn’t have come up with this trend.

Don’t reserve if for cakes only, try what I did and use them in cupcakes, tarts, ice cream bombes and give any of your desserts a dramatic, artistic flair.



2 slabs vegan dark chocolate 

Baking paper 



Break your chocolate into pieces and microwave on high for 2 minutes or more until chocolate is soft and melted 

Prepare your baking paper on a flat surface and take one small spoon serving and dip on the baking paper. 

Slide with the back of the spoon on the paper creating the brushstroke effect ensuring there’s more chocolate at the beginning and less at the end. 

Place in the freezer for 4 hours or more until it’s hard and easy to place on your cake. 

Don’t forget to tag me when you get a chance to create these easy treats. 

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