90’s R&B Pop Up Restaurant

The year had started off with a fun and interesting reason for people to leave the house: A collaboration between my company Once Bitten and The Art Brew coffee shop. The purpose? Weekends have become monotonous and repetitive so instead of complaining about not having the kind of events we desire, we decided to create them ourselves.

Art meets music, food and fashion with quite a FUNKY concept. We had a theme based on ‘90’s R&B’ because of that nostalgic feeling you get when singing along to love songs you haven’t heard in ages and you wish to go back. Imagine Tevin Campbell, Brandy, Boys2Men, SWV, Deborah Cox and many more playing in the background as you sing along with a plate classic ol school fave treats on your table.

With that in mind we figured let’s not go half in, lets just dive in fully! The music is 90’s R&B and so should the dress code. We had people come in dressed in denim with funky Fresh Prince of Bel Air haircuts, box braids, vintage dresses and shirts, sneakers and baggy shorts, colourful tracksuit jackets….it was a whole vibe!

The food? Oh we thought of how we were obsessed with like funky old school party snacks but with a twist. Remember how pizzas were a necessity so we figured lets do wraps, still like a pizza…..just folded. Ice cream cones melting on your fingers is such a walk down memory lane so we figured deep fried ice cream with truffles… fun, funky, fresh, just like the 90’s.

But we couldn’t just let the day end as it was so we decided to create a playlist of the music played during the day and each person who attended gets a free playlist. I still have my copy and I find myself never having to apologise or feel weird for deeply, loudly and passionately singing along to YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY.

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