Sailing aboard The Tigresse Catamaran

Helm/ Stern/ Port/ Windward: These are all the words I was enthusiastically awaiting to use on our early morning family cruise sailing across the Pacific Ocean. Using the sailing terminology would not only make me look super cool to my sister (whom I am told by a friend that I try to emulate and impress because I am besotted with her) but it would actually be applicable on our cruise.
Imagine saying: Oh wow, look at how that uhm, err that…that thing. Look how that thing looks?”
I wanted to use sentences such as “Come sis, let’s go afore before the point of sail is in irons.”

My sister (IG:@ nomfundo_u)

Can I tell you though, as soon as we left the harbour, I could not even belt out a simple “Ahoy matey”? All the words stayed behind as soon as I heard the sound of the catamaran hitting against the waves as the wind was blowing my hair while cruising on different colour shades of blue. I had so many moments where I had to catch myself from drifting away with my thoughts on how many work hours I would have to put in so I can possess my own and call her “Steller”. I had to remind myself to stay in the now and enjoy the scenic views on a Sunday morning sailing along the beautiful Cape coastline.

The cruise was such an adventure, a unique journey surrounded by the vast ocean and the view of Table Mountain. The most memorable of it all was being able to witness the sea life like the dolphins, seals and penguins.
When the first person aboard yelled out “Dolphins!” that is when all adults turned into kids. It was incredible for me to witness them swimming in their natural environment as opposed to seeing them in water parks, held captive and sometimes in inhuman conditions. They were almost showing off really as they were swimming at the left of the yacht, towards the front as they jumped in an out the water. It was at that moment I thought of really investing in my skin care regime so I too can achieve dolphin like skin.

As we anchored up at the harbour on the V&A Waterfront, we exited the yacht. Shoes in my hand and my oversized straw hat in the other thinking about which colours my Stella will have on her. Red. Blue and white, nautical vibes.

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