Chocolate Bark

I felt so conflicted the first time I heard the words “chocolate bark”. It sounded SO unappetising but at the same time I saw the word chocolate, how could it not taste amazing? So I was semi convinced but then again the word ‘bark’ totally threw me off.

Luckily we have this thing you might have heard about called the Internet. It led me to the best part I found with chocolate bark: it’s like creating your very own slab of chocolate. You melt chocolate and throw in any your own toppings, freeze and break into pieces. Easy, Simple, Fast and fun.

Orange zest and ginger biscuit crumbles, chilli flakes, coconut shavings and almonds….. Absolutely any topping you always fantasise about when unwrapping your chocolate. Next time you have a visitor over, ask them if they’d like some Chocolate Bark and watch their reaction.



* 1 vegan dark chocolate slab

*1 cup frozen raspberries

*60 mls pistachios

*Vegan cream (for drizzling)


1.Break chocolate into pieces and microwave on high for 1 minute or more until melted.

2.Pour into baking paper and smooth it out into a thin and even layer.

3.Sprinkle all the toppings and allow to set and harden in the freezer for 4 hours.

4.When cool and set, break into shards and enjoy.

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