Red Thai Curry Gnocchi

My sister Nomfundo and her husband Henry recently went on a “Decade of Love” vacation to celebrate their ten years together. Every day on our family WhatsApp group we would get a dosage of chest pains as we would receive pictures from their celebration. They travelled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Thailand. We were all vicariously travelling through them.

She brought back some super amazing goodies and ingredients from Thailand and I knew exactly what I would make when I saw my goodies. Coconut milk, Thai pastes, sunflower tea, noodles and some more treats that ill prepare, so I don’t want to give too much away. All vegan and all from Thailand.

The kitchen smelt like a festival of flavours and I know for a fact that if I let the windows open and that fragrance escape, we would have had our neighbours at our gate ringing the doorbell. In all my years of thinking I can cook, I realized I have never made a curry this amazing with the simplest and everyday ingredients. And that’s what I love about home cooking, using simple ingredients and creating something you cannot get at a restaurant.

In the spirit of supporting local businesses, I try buy most of my veggies from street vendors and they always supply the freshest fruits and veggies at a price you would not find at the supermarket. So, I encourage you all to switch and take a walk down your CBD and support those who are sometimes selling from their own veggie patch or selling for local farmers. Another option is to try grow your own, these lemons comes form the lemon tree at home.

A little bit from Thailand, a smaller bit from the garden, all created at home and definitely worth a try.


*1 packet gnocchi or noodles

*1 garlic clove

*1 small ginger stem (roughly the size of your pinkie finger)

*1 red onion or white onion

*1 packet mushroom (roughly 2 cups)

*1 handful cherry tomatoes

*1 birds eye chilli or more depending on your taste

*2 tbsp red Thai curry paste

*2 tbsp white or brown sugar

*2 cans coconut milk (400 mls)

*2 handfuls of baby spinach or any spinach of your choice

*Salt and pepper to taste

*Fresh coriander for garnish


1.In a large pot, fry your onions, chillies and chopped ginger and garlic for 5 minutes until tender.

2.Add your mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and continue to stir for another 5 minute.

3.Now add your curry paste and when well combined add your coconut milk and sugar and stir well.

4.Add your spinach leaves and lower the heat then close lid and allow it to cook.

5.Now make your gnocchi while the pot is still cooking.

6. In a medium sized pot, add a sprinkle of salt into boiling water.

7.Add your gnocchi and cook for 3 minutes or according to recipe but not more than five minutes.

8.When your gnocchi is done, drain and add into your Thai curry pot and slowly stir all the ingredients until well combined

9.Take your lemon and cut into half and squeeze out all the juice from the one half into the pot and stir and remove from heat.

10.Garnish with fresh coriander and serve.

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