Grilled Peppers stuffed with Lentil Rice

My ex-boyfriend (who became a good friend) was one of the first few people who ignited my passion for cooking. Let’s call him Mo. Mo was a great home cook and his passion for food was evident when he was in the kitchen. From a simple sandwich to an amazing pasta, you could taste the love and effort he put in. We were in a long-distance relationship so whenever we’d get to see each other, I knew I would be in for a memorable supper. Infact I remember every time we went to Oppikoppi together, he would be the one making the fire, creating a dish and asking if I had enough and if I’m sorted. This is when I realised that a person who cares about your tummy, cares for you.

On one of our date nights, I remember lying on the couch as he prepared supper and I wondered to myself if I’d ever be half the great cook he is. My plate was presented with mushrooms and a grilled red pepper stuffed with cous cous. This was in 2012 when I was still a vegetarian, with no idea what veganism was and Mo was already creating plant-based dishes.

Over the years I remixed the dish and I remember creating this once for a Women’s Day celebration I was catering for. What I think is genius about this dish is that you don’t need a special event to create it and it can be for your lunch, supper or Sunday special. The lentils in the rice make for a great source of protein and if you’re up for it, you could use basmati rice, brown or black rice. Or you could just do what Mo did and add cous cous rather. Which is quite a coincidence since the last time we spoke he told me he was preparing lamb stew and cous cous for himself and sweet potatoes for his daughter. Food is love.

INGREDIENTS (feeds 5 people)

*3 cups cooked rice

*2 Red peppers

*2 Green peppers

*1 Yellow peppers

*2 cups cooked lentils or 2 cans lentils

*2 spoons coriander seeds

*1 white onion

*1 tsp mixed herbs

*1 tsp paprika

*1 tsp of your fave seasoning

*1 garlic head


1.Cut all your peppers in half and remove the pips and ensure all that left is the skin.

2.Season the first half, drizzle oil and cook in the oven until tender, not too soft.

3.Chop the other half into medium cubes as well as your onions and two cloves of garlic then start frying on medium heat.

4.Add your paprika, mixed herbs, coriander seeds and your favourite seasoning and stir for 5 minutes under tender.

5Pour in your lentils then lower the heat and continue to stir for a minute.

6.Add your lentils mixture into your cooked rice and mix well.

7.Take out your grilled peppers and stuff them with the lentil rice and serve.

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  1. I’m licking my fingers as I’m reading this in fantasy of what this dish tastes like. Big up to you Bathandwa ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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