DIY Floral Ice Bucket

These are the first few days of those cold and bitter mornings where your gown and a cup of hot tea/coffee with morning slippers are what you use to get by. But I mean I know my people, we still celebrate and enjoy the moments where the sun peeps through the sky and allows us to have gin cocktails at a braai or mimosas for brunch. So, before we start with trench coats and before all the flowers in your garden dry out, let’s say good bye to the sunny season before we welcome the cold weather.

I used the flowers from the garden that were starting to dry up and crack instead of picking the fresh, surviving ones. You could also use tree branches as well for the DIY bucket and if you want a cool feel, you could use dried leaves, cinnamon sticks and anything else that screams out Autumn or Winter vibes.

This ice bucket can be the centre piece for any occasion and we love something that’s pretty but also functional. It also helps that it can be recycled because all you need to do is put it back in the freezer after it served its purpose as it takes a while to melt. Just to pop it back out again when you’re hosting. But do be careful you use a plate or a saucer to place it on top of for when it starts melting so tthat it doesn’t wet anything around it. When you want to discard it, you can throw it next to a strong tree in your garden.

What you need




*Two buckets or two huge bowls

*A container big enough to sit on the smallest bucket or bowl

*Lots of water


1.Take your biggest bowl or bucket and fill ¼ of it with water and freeze for 4 hours or more.

2.In the mean time pick your flowers and leaves and set aside, using a scissors to cut them as desired.

3.When frozen take the smaller bucket/bowl and place on top of the frozen water and pour cold water on top of the frozen water.

3.Use a container and place it on the smaller bowl so that it adds weight and allows it to settle still and not float around the water.

4.Add your floral arrangement in the water and ensure its evenly spread across the bucket/bowl/. Freeze for 24 hours.

5.To remove both buckets from the ice, start by removing the container on top by pouring boiling hot water on the bowl and gently loosening it.

6.Then pour boiling water on the sink and leave the bucket/bowl to rest for 5 minutes and more then gently start loosening it.

7.It will come off easily if it is frozen.

8.Place your ice bucket/bowl on a plate or saucer, depending on size and add your drinks.

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