10 Easy & Shocking Egg Replacers When Baking Vegan

There are a number of ways to replace eggs in your baking but let’s keep it real, some of them are not aligned with your budget. Others are not even easily available and require an inconvenient trip to the store while your chocolate cake cravings start making you twitch behind the wheel. Others just seem like an ingredient planted by an aboriginal tribe and it grows once in three years and can only be picked during the new moon. So, I thought I wold share with you all what I use and give you a list of other ingredients that I’ve heard about and how they can help. Let’s first start with why eggs are used in baking and what they help with.

Eggs are mostly used in baking because they give moisture and fat to cakes and biscuits. They add structure, colour and flavour too. They also hold the ingredients together so they are a good binding agent. But do not feel like you’ll never be able to create a great vegan chocolate chip cookie or a decadent chocolate cake. So, let’s dive into the ingredients I used to replace eggs when baking.

1.Cooking oil- Sunflower or Canola oil works like a charm but be careful that you don’t use too much otherwise you will end up with an oily or deep-fried cake. These oils add moisture and are great for cakes, muffins and cupcakes. I often use 125 ml’s of canola oil to replace two eggs and it usually works with those 2 cups of flour kind of recipes. Nobody has ever enjoyed a greasy cupcake so follow the instructions.

2. Aquafaba –
The word might sound intense but it’s probably in your pantry as we speak. Aquafaba is actually the tinned chick pea brine. Yep! The chickpea juice that you shouldn’t drink. All you have to do is whip the brine up until it has stiff peaks and resembles a meringue like texture. You can add your icing sugar as well as other desired ingredients and faster than you can say ‘no ways’ you have vegan macarons or meringues. Ok not that fast but really that easy. So, no need for egg whites here.

3. Ripe mashed bananas-Think of banana bread but with a little less of well…that noticeable banana flavour. I use 1 small banana and mash it up really well and sometimes I add two spoons of oil depending on whether I achieved that whipped egg texture. The banana acts as a binding agent and brings the ingredients together quite well. Just ensure that you don’t use too much otherwise it will taste like banana bread.

4.Apple cider vinegar and plant-based milk- I know the smell of ACV has already thrown you off and I might have to do some major convincing here but listen, one of my best chocolate cakes happened because of this combination. What you need to understand is that the taste and smell actually disappears during the baking process and there’s not even a hint of anything sharp or sour. You simply add about a cup of plant-based milk and 1 spoon ACV then whisk for a few seconds and let it sit for 10 minutes. It starts to bubble up and this is a perfect way to add some fluffiness and airiness to your cakes. If I have to tell yall about being careful with your ratios one more time, I’ll start sounding like a mother in law who doesn’t trust her daughter in laws skills.

5.Chia seeds- Chia seeds are a bit tricky for me. I love them in puddings and as porridge and when I read that you can use it as a binder, it made sense. Why? Because you have to add it with water and let it rest for a while before it can give off that gooey egg like texture. The downside is the unexpected crunch which isn’t bad for a nutty or choc chip cookie but not for a smooth, vanilla batter. So, choose wisely.

List of vegan egg alternatives I have heard of but NEVER EVER TRIED

6.Flegg- This is mixture of flax meal (ground flax seeds) and water. It gives off a gooey like texture that matches an egg.

7.Ener-G egg replacer- It is made up of a combination of starches and leavening ingredients and is a literal egg replacer when baking.

8.Silken tofu- This adds moisture to the cake and it helps that it is a protein product, much like an egg.

9.Arrowroot Powder- This is a starch and acts like a binder during baking and for puddings.

10.Mayonnaise- The oil in the mayo helps moisten the cake and apparently it works wonders in chocolate cakes.

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