Chocolate Truffles

You ever watch an episode of Come Dine With Me and get really annoyed when somebody becomes a fussy eater. Like

“I don’t like rice so I’m not looking forward to this dish”

“Actually, I’m not a dessert person so I didn’t enjoy the sweetness”

“I’m not really a fan of pasta dishes so the main was a bit too heavy for me”

What’s next? “Oh, I don’t really like the taste of anything, I prefer eating nothing actually”I always felt like they just wanted to sabotage the person the best way they could so they used food as an excuse. I felt this way up until a contestant said “I’m not really a chocolate person” and I completely agreed. This is when I did some reflection. Could I also be one of them??????

To be fair, I have never really had a sweet tooth. I’m more of a spicy and savoury junk food lover but when I do get my chocolate cravings its usually once a month so I always try to create something super delicious or memorable when it comes to chocolate. This is where the truffles come in.

I enjoy the fact that it’s almost like I’m creating my own chocolate. I get to throw in my own ingredients, make it creamier, introduce some more depth and it gives me room for so much creativity. You could eat them which ever way you can too. Alone or with ice cream, cake, a topping of pudding or once again…alone.

You can also either stuff them with hazelnuts before rolling or alternatively you could roll them with crushed biscuits, coconut shaving, crushed chillies and if you want to go all out with your love of chocolate then you could roll them on chocolate shavings too. Its one of those that is completely up to your imagination and taste…rules to the side! So, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun.


*2 slabs vegan chocolate

*2 teaspoons vanilla essence

*2 spoons cocoa powder or milo

*1 Handful nuts of your choice

*½ cup vegan fresh cream

*½ Handful hemp seeds

*Chilli flakes (optional)

*Milo (optional)

*Desiccated coconut (optional)


1.On high heat, place a small sized pot with boiling water and on top of the pot place an enamel or oven proof bowl.

2. Break your chocolate into pieces and place on top of the heating bowl and slowly mix your chocolate as it melts.

3. add vanilla essence and cream and continue stirring until well combined.

4. if you desire to make it darker and richer, add cocoa powder.

5. When its all mixed, place in a bowl and refrigerate until hard and set. Preferably 4 hours or overnight.

6. take a spoon and scoop out small sizes and begin to roll and shape with your palms. You can use a glad wrapper against your palms if you’re afraid of having a mess.

7. Crush your nuts and lay them on your placemat or board along your hemp seeds and cocoa powder or your desired ingredients.

8. Roll your truffles on your ingredients and ensure its rolled evenly.

9. Let them set in the fridge for 30 or more.

10. Serve as they are or with your cakes, puddings, desert or with chocolate sauce.

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